Touhid (Unitarianism) – Preliminary Discussions
19 دی 1400 - 18:02
بازدید 1236

In The Name of Most Loving Merciful Allah

In the School of Ilaheeyoon (Theologists: Book & Tradition) it is quoted that religion is founded and based upon Unitarianism(Touhid) and Justice; both these constituting half of religion (التَّوْحِیدُ نِصْفُ الدِّین) (Bihar el Anwar, Vol.3, p. 240). Also that Prophecy / Prophethood (Nubuwwat) is the extension of Unitarianism and Sacred Headship (Imamate) whilst Day of Justice (Ma’ad) is also a necessity for Justice (Adl).

The first and important topic to discuss is Unitarianism which shall God Willing be further elaborated later.

The Blessed Ali-ibn-Abitalib, the 1st Imam and Commander of the Pious (A) quotes in the book, Nahj el Belagha, that: “Unitarianism means not to make allusion (insinuation or ideation) of God and Justice is that not to accuse and put blames on God Almighty.” (“التَّوْحِیدُ أَلَّا تَتَوَهَّمَهُ وَ الْعَدْلُ أَلَّا تَتَّهِمَهُ”)

According to this noble saying, Unitarianism is not Monotheism (worship of Divine Oneness) and Justice is but assuming God to be just and not being cruel. Naturally we all know that God is Unique and never tyrannizes. However, Unitarianism means not to make allusion (insinuation or ideation) of [nor mentally materialize] God; also, Justice means to neither blame nor consider God the Cause of our deeds.

What Allusion of God are we prohibited from?

Allusion is in essence having a mental concept of what comes to our mind. For example, when we say: soil, or tree, or human, or sun, or angles, or call the name of the 12thImam (A) we conceptualize a form for each of these names in our mind. But, if we say God, if likewise we being God into the notional context, then a state of godlessness is formed and a mental idol is produced within us. Hence, the 6th Imam, the Blessed Jafar Sadigh (A) quotes: “Anyone who worships God under an allusion, he/she is thus godless. (مَنْ عَبَدَ اللَّهَ بِالتَّوَهُّمِ فَقَدْ كَفَر)”

Justice is not to assume God for our foul doings and offences (وَ الْعَدْلُ أَلَّا تَتَّهِمَهُ); neither to consider our deeds separated from the Divine enactments. You commit a sin and must not blame it on God. It is true that God facilitates man with such things as devices and body functions for use in his/her actions and one remains responsible for such deeds so far as to be scrutinized on the Judgment Day in order to be destined to Hell or Heaven.

In another sacred quote referred to in the book, Unitarianism (Touhid) of the author, Sheykh Siddough, under section: Meaning of Unitarianism and Justice; First Sacred Narration (Hadith), page 96, we read that a man visited Imam Sadigh (A) to enquire on the two subjects above: “According to your good saying, the basis of all divine religions and creeds are Unitarianism and Justice which are themes with profound meanings and denotations that is to be learnt by every intellectual. I therefore urge your reverent to provide us with that much we can readily understand and hopefully remember.”

Imam Jafar-ibn-Mohammad Sadigh (A) replied: “Unitarianism means not to admit for God what you admit for the created; and Justice means avoid ascribing or attributing to God that God has prohibited you of. (أَمَّا التَّوْحِیدُ فَأَنْ لَا تُجَوِّزَ عَلَی رَبِّكَ مَا جَازَ عَلَیْكَ وَ أَمَّا الْعَدْلُ فَأَنْ لَا تَنْسُبَ إِلَی خَالِقِكَ مَا لَامَكَ عَلَیْهِ) “

Indeed, Unitarianism is to avoid admitting for God what you admit for the created. Among such admissions alluded to matter are: quality and quantity: How I speak; I sit; I sleep; my physiques and mentality, and all in all, features of my existence. Such inquisitive questionings are admissible but we must refrain to attribute any quality to or characterize God!

Another attribute assignable to me as man is “existence”, this being a creation of God Almighty.

So what is God? Well, God is not a matter of being what! God is without any quality, state or form. These features are themselves created by God. Thus, every particle in existence is in wonder and amazement about God; be it the Gracious Prophet of Islam (S) or a little black beetle, all are wondering and amazed about God.

Therefore, we are obliged to prostration and glorifying God and to vindicate and sanctify whatever there is said of God or follies attributed to God.

We know only that there is God. An Omnipotent power existing that makes me evolve; get sick then heal-up; makes me rich and prosper or leaves me poor and helpless. Otherwise who would want to become sick or fall to poverty?

I know with all dexterity in latency and greatest of intuition that God exists, but if I am asked “what stimulates you to motion?” “What keeps you on your feet?” … I know I have no answers; since I believe that what I admit to matters and creatures I kempt to refer it to the Creator. For this reason, the demised Sheykh Siddough in the concluding chapter of his precious book: El-Touhid (Section 67), presents a compilation of sacred narrations entitled: “Refrain to Argue over Exalted God”, and refers to the quotation of the 5th Blessed Imam Bagher (A): “Converse over creations of God yet say nothing regarding God, since, speaking about God entails nothing but bewilderment and deviation of man.

Whatever we say about God is our mental artifice and product, a creation similar to ourselves and an idol in our mind being much more dangerous than a materialistic and physical idol!

The grandeur prophets (A) came to eradicate such a mental idol. “I invite you to worship God and discard all illusions and idols. (أَدْعُوكُمْ إِلَی عِبَادَةِ اللَّهِ وَ خَلْعِ الْأَنْدَادِ وَ الْأَصْنَامِ)” (Bihar el Anwar, Vol. 18, page 185).

The Prophets of God directs us towards human soul or spirituality (Fitra) typically instituted within creation of all men by God’s Will.

By God’s Favor and Grace we shall later elucidate this fascinating discussion.

In the School of Ilaheeyoon (Theologists: Book & Tradition) it is quoted that religion is founded and based upon Unitarianism (Touhid) and Justice (Adl); both of these constituting half of religion (التَّوْحِیدُ نِصْفُ الدِّین) (Bihar el Anwar, Vol. 3, p. 240). Also that Prophecy / Prophethood (Nubuwwat) is the extension of Unitarianism and Sacred Headship (Imamate) whilst Day of Justice (Ma’ad) is also a necessity for Justice…

Topics Discussed in this lecture:

What is the basis and foundation of religion?

Real meaning of Unitarianism?

What is allusion? An alluded God …

Are quality, existence, quantity, etc… attributes of God?

Mental and Materialistic idols, etc. ….

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