Justice (Lesson One)
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In The Name of Most Loving Merciful Allah

Lesson One

In previous lessons we explained that Justice is not merely saying that God is, Just, and not being an oppressor, but that to believe Divine Justice is something related to an innate disposition in human by which we would neither accuse God for our deeds and conducts nor accuse God for any of our blameworthy actions.

So Justice of God is not to consider the Order of Genesis (i.e.: the Initiator being God the Omnipotent) to be in concordance with the Order of Jurisdiction (i.e.: the initiator being the able and autonomous human being). The reason is that all despotism, cruelty, sins, and indecencies occur in the Order of Jurisdiction and not in the Order of Genesis. The Order of Genesis is wholesomely goodness and blessing provided by God for us, and inversely, vice and evil is raised from ourselves (Order of Jurisdiction).  “Your virtue is brought down from Our Side; yet vices are raised from yourselves (خَیرُکَ إِلَینا نازِلٌ وَ شَرُّنا إِلَیکَ صاعِدٌ)”.

Proof of Divine Justice revolves around the fact of proving we (human beings) act voluntarily.

Discussion: “Our autonomy and freewill” has an absolute cause of our possessed power and freedom within the Order of Jurisdiction. However, in natural incidents such as earthquake, flood, thunderbolt strikes, hurricanes, etc. or in birth, death, growing up and getting old, etc. we have no autonomy.

We have freewill in matters of instructs and obstructs. An autonomous act is ascribed to an autonomous agent or initiator and is performed by the two ideal factors of power and autonomy. If we were to attribute the autonomous act to anything but a non-autonomous performer, then such an act would not be considered an autonomous act but just the opposite.

In any case, in order to prove the Justice of God we must first prove the autonomy in man and review the concept of autonomy.

To that end, refer to your soul and discernment; the latter being the only criterion for distinguishing righteousness and futility.

Now for just a moment I ask you to close your eyes and think about a letter such as “B” and then erase it from your mind and think of another letter. You shall know that you have yourself actually imagined the letter “B” or the like and no one had forced you to do it nor did anyone stimulate your mind. You can think of a letter or anything and by doing so you will find only yourself are involved in such an act of creating the letter “B” and yourself have omitted it and thought of another.

Yes, sometimes there are inductions to influence our mind but you shall find you yourself are the origin of creating and deleting the letter “B”.

You shall find that with that God has facilitated, you are the doer of any act or refusal of tasks yourself. You shall find no one has compelled you to take or leave an action whether in your mind or by using tools and implements.

You shall realize that actually in any committed task it is only your attention and nothing else. Also, you will find when you consider the letter “B” and whilst your attention is drawn towards it, it remains in the root of your inner-self (ego) and as soon as waiving your attention from it then no traces of it remains in your mind.

You shall find out that the creative and absolute causes are merely your power and will and that you are indeed a possessor via the facilities implemented by God, and thus you do things.

You shall find out that the letter “B” exists in your own attention and such attention for giving existence to the entity of “B” is within the root of your inner-self.

You shall find out that you have nothing in hand except your mere attentiveness and such attention is your deed. You shall know that in doing a task, you are quite free and there is no compulsion.

Also, you can see that no one even God has been collaborating with you in the creation of the letter “B”. Have no fear of this! For this is neither dualism nor heresy; it is the sameness of justice and consistent with discernment, soul and common sense. You soon find that you have complete liberty over engendering, removing and maintaining your attentiveness.

Also, you know the extrinsic actions by man is alike participation of the inner-self (ego) and the activity of the ego is nothing but being attentive; be it the pondering of the mind (ego supremacy) or devices and facilities outside the mind (ego inferiority).

Topics Discussed in this lecture:

?Justice of God is proven with reference to God or man

?What actions are left to our free will

?We take autonomous actions with the two faculties of power and autonomy

?Heeding to root of inner-self and proof of human autonomy

?Action of man is the attention paid to the predetermined faculties

?Does man act collaboratively with God

We shall resume the discussions in future lectures.

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