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In The Name of Most Loving Merciful Allah

The Holy Koran that certifies the Prophecy (Prophethood) of the Conclusive Prophet (S) and Divine Pledge of man with God, when resorted to, shall guide to Paradise and if ignored leaves man to be hell-bound. With endless amazements and archaic mysteries, a thrilling and captivating vista and a core so deep that no carver can ever reach the base of it, the Holy Koran is a firm hanger that when clung to, shall securely save and guide us towards growth and blessed life, but by refuting it and rummaging after different resorts then our deviation and digression into burning fire is certain.

This Holy Book has not forsaken any need of man till the Resurrection Day and grants all that would render to the deliverance of people. Obviously, such immensely widespread endowment is provided us in the Holy Book’s limited wordings wherein we are obliged to seek guidance and salvation. The only means to gain such treasures of truth lay in what the Gracious Prophet of Islam (S) has led us to follow by quoting as follows:

أيُّهَاالتّاس إنّي تارِکٌ فيکُمُ الثّقلين ما إن تَمَسَّکتُم بِهِما لَن تَضِلّوا کتاب اللهِ و عِترَتي أهل بَيتي فَإنَّهُما لَن يَفتَرِقا حَتّي يَرِدا عَلَيَّ الحَوض

(You people! I leave with you the two sources that if you resort to you shall not be misled: the Book of God and the Accredited Phylum (A) in my household none of which shall separate till meeting me at the Pool of Kowsar

“Interpretation of Reasoning (تفسیر برهان)”, 9/1, Chapter 3, Section 1

  Reaching real benison and ideal perfection is through resorting to the Holy Koran and the Accredited Phylum (A) of the Prophet (S). Also, one is only bound to refer to the Justice of Koran and the Accredited Phylum (A) in order to gain divine insight and discernment.

Only the divers into the deep Koranic sea are the Gracious Prophet (S) and his Noble Progeny (A); and collecting the great treasures of this sea of guidance is exclusively through adhering to the informed patrons of such a path and leaders from Allah (God).

The discussion presented here is another approach towards cognizing the divine standing of the Virtuous Imams (A’ima Atihar) (A) within the true canonicity of God and the relationship God has placed between such holy beings and the grand book of Koran. Thus God willing and by the tending of God, we intend to provide proof for our assertion that the Holy Koran can only be a true guide to human beings through its teachers and only through the revelations by such teachers can one enter such boundless sea and succeed to benefit from its treasures.

We shall in the lectures ahead distinguish between the two boundaries of comprehensive understanding of superficial meanings in verses of Koran and the authenticity of the Koranic verses that are deciphered when elucidated and clarified by the Koran teachers thereby revealing the falsehood of the exaggerated claim that Koran cannot be understood, and that it remains mysterious and an enigmatic puzzle.

It must be noted that in our lectures here we set to prove false the notion of “self-adequacy of Koran” and to prove the inseparability of Holy Koran and the Accredited Phylum (A). Thus during discussions here, reasoning through Koranic verses (revelations) only is due to the already theorized procedure.

We shall also demonstrate through logical argument and reasoning that, by heeding to the superficial guise of Koran one is also bound to follow the Koran and the guidelines of our Virtuous Imams (Accredited Phylum) (A). Also, for us too such assumption is all clear when we refer to sayings of the revered Koranic teachers and their emphasis on meaningfulness of the straightforward and commonly understood meanings of Koran.

Topics Discussed in this lecture:

Koran bears endless amazements, archaic mysteries, a captivating vista and never-ending depth,

All are obliged to seek guidance through Koran

What is the only way to reach the treasures of truth and real salvation?

Can Koran solely guide or would this be a misguiding path?

Arguing against the notion of “self-adequacy of Koran” and backing the proof of inseparability of Holy Koran and the Accredited Phylum (A), etc…

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